Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Open Letter to Travelers - Reignite the Adventurous You

The Victoria Falls from the rainforest
Dear Travelers,

I am writing this letter with my mind as full as my unpacked bags, with the memories I have made printed like tattoos behind my blinking eyelids, and with the scent of mosquito repellent still lingering on my coat. You aren't going to find any over used travel quotes littered across this page, and you certainly won't find any answers to humanity's great complex questions (but if you have them, feel free to leave your contact details below). I am not going to tell you about some brave, long adventure I took to the opposite end of the world. Instead, I am going to share some smaller yet equally valuable lessons I learned about a journey I took to my favorite place on earth- home. I just happen to be lucky enough to call Victoria Falls home.