Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Is Victoria Falls Drying Up? The Truth

Recent international new reports have claimed that the Victoria Falls is at its lowest levels in a century due to climate change, causing travellers to panic and cancel their bookings. Find out the real truth behind these false claims.

• Has Victoria Falls dried up due to climate change? No it has not.
• Could climate change be having an impact on global rainfall patterns? Yes absolutely.
• Should we be aware of climate change and be taking action? Yes absolutely.
• Was this the areas worst drought in a century? No it was not.
• Are the Victoria Falls rising this year? Yes, they are already currently higher than the same time last year.
• Was it right to for the press to sensationalise a news story, causing other far reaching and damaging effects, without presenting all the facts? No absolutely not.

The effect of these false reports on local tourism has been devastating, as travellers clamber to cancel bookings, or now cross Victoria Falls off their bucket list, potentially creating a lasting impact that those in the tourism industry just don’t know how long will last.

Please read on to find out the truth and see why Victoria Falls is still a seventh wonder of the world and a remarkable destination to visit. We are not trying to sell a news story here, we are just presenting the facts as they are and trying to undo some of the damage that has been caused by these unscrupulous news reporters.

Read the truth about the Victoria Falls

Thursday, October 31, 2019

Safari Around Victoria Falls

Elephants and zebra at a waterhole in Hwange National Park

You can add a safari in Hwange National Park to your Victoria Falls holiday

Victoria Falls, being a natural wonder of the world is on the bucket list of many travelers. Not only is it a spectacular waterfall, but there is also a large array of activities available, from sedate sunset cruises to bungee jumping, making it the Adventure Capital of Africa.

It also lies in the centre of some the best wildlife parks in Africa, so it makes sense to add on at least an extra few days for a wildlife Safari, for that holiday of a lifetime!

The dilemma now comes as to which national park to choose. The three big ones normally in question, because they are the closest to Victoria Falls are; Chobe National Park, Hwange National Park and Zambezi National Park.

Each one has its pros and cons, so making a decision can be quite difficult, especially if you have not been to this part of Africa before.

In this article Chobe, Hwange, Zambezi National Park comparison, I have tried to explain in-depth the differences between each of them, with specific regards to the game viewing, the accommodation, the guiding, the seasons and the logistics of getting to each one from Victoria Falls.

I trust after reading the article you will have a clearer understanding of how they compare with each other, which should make your decision a little easier.

Also touched on in the article in brief detail are the two smaller parks; Mosi-oa-Tunya National Park and the Victoria Falls Private Game Reserve, which are just outside the towns of Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe and Livingstone, Zambia.

Although these don’t really compete with the 3 bigger parks when it comes to an authentic Safari Experience, they have their rightful place for a quick game viewing experience.

Please also take a look at this interesting article – “Things to consider before booking an African safari”. Which covers essential information that will enhance your overall Safari Experience and ensure that you don’t make costly mistakes.