Friday, February 26, 2016

Victoria Falls International Airport in Pictures

In 2015, upgrades on the Victoria Falls International Airport began. The project's aim was to build a new and larger terminal building than the existing one at the time, construct a new 4km long runway, revamp the domestic terminal, build a new control tower and fire station.

Although there have been delays here and there, the internationals terminal is now in use, although the project is not 100% complete. The official opening of the airport is scheduled for April of this year.

Below are some pictures of the construction and newer images of some of the completed sections.

Victoria Falls International Airport expansion
Taken in May 2015 (source)

Taken in May 2015 (source)

Taken in May 2015 (source)

Inside the new terminal building...

Inside the new terminal (source)

Inside the new terminal (source)

Inside the new terminal (source)

Inside the new terminal (source)

Outside the new terminal...

The front of the new terminal (source)

The new terminal from the taxiway (source)

View of the two terminal buildings and beyond (Tom Varley Photography)

To read more about the upgrades, click here.

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